A tournament to honor Enrique Canales

Enrique Canales Busquets was the designer of the Santa Clara Golf Marbella and Santa Clara Golf Granada golf courses, among others. He was also one of the promoters of the development of golf on the Sunny Coast, dedicating almost half a century to this sport, both in his role as a player and as a director or designer of golf courses.

“Canales has contributed with his effort and his wisdom to the fact that the Sunny Coast has become the main destination in Southern Europe, and has had the ability to be a perfect ambassador in our land before the arrival of personalities from all over the world “, said Elías Bendodo, today counselor of the Andalusian Government, in an act in honor of Canales in 2014.

Golf in the words of Enrique Canales

We rescue some excerpts from an interview published years ago in Andalucía Golf / Spain Golf magazine:

This Bilbao native settled on the Sunny Coast from his youth. He began playing golf at the Club de Campo de Málaga in 1961. “There was a great golf atmosphere,” recalls Enrique Canales, one of the pioneers in the international launch of Costa Rican golf. “Then golf was golf above all, there was a local handicap – we were federated but the clubs had their handicap – it was a very pure golf, very traditional … there was a great atmosphere”.

Enrique came to have a low handicap and won some “more or less important” competitions, remembering “with real enthusiasm” the Iberia Cup, “the classic par excellence of Andalusia”, with more than 80 years old, which he won on several occasions. “With the team that we started to wiggle the coast”.

“I started to get out of golf as a sport and I started to get into the professional part. I have had a huge tendency towards machinery, which I really like because my business is about cars. I started with machinery and then I have something that I think that it is important and that it is my facility for drawing – flat, in perspective – and I am capable of being a landscaper without having completed a career as a landscaper. Why? For years. My career is the longest there is. on the Costa del Sol. I started playing golf and have ended up designing golf courses, not one but many. ”

What was his relationship with Santa Clara? Enrique Canales commented “I found a fantastic property, which placed all the trust in the world in me, but with a difficult property, although in the best place in Marbella, and that we had to give it quality because if we give the quality we are not going to never go down, the day we do not have the quality, we will be lost. I think this is the best maintained on the coast at the moment.”

Santa Clara holds a tournament in honor of Enrique Canales

The Enrique Canales Memorial Tournament is an honor to his vision, his career and his legacy. And there is no better way to do it than through what became his passion, in a field that allowed him to explore it.

The form of play will be individual Stableford to 18 holes.


1st category Knights Hcp 16.4
2nd category Knights Hcp 16.5 to 26.4
Ladies only category
We will have great prizes for the first three classified in each category, and a special scratch prize. There will also be raffles for gifts and many more surprises.

The start will be at shooting at 8:30 am. The starting bars will be Yellow for Men and Red for Ladies.

Register for € 66 (includes lunch and welcome pack) and request a buggy for an additional € 10 (optional). Registrations close this Thursday, August 6. You can do it right here: