Andalusian federated athletes can travel to train and compete

Faced with many doubts received from our players and professionals, we want to summarize the measures updated by the Junta de Andalucía and the Royal Andalusian Golf Federation, to comply with the rules and to know the current restrictions for the golf sector.

In the extraordinary BOJA num. 73, of Friday, October 30, 2020, the Order of the Ministry of Health and Families on October 29, 2020, was published, which establishes the health alert levels and temporary and exceptional measures are adopted by reason of public health in Andalusia, for the containment of COVID-19. Next, we share the infographic of the Board segmented by phases (click here to enlarge)


Santa Clara Golf Marbella, always in favor of guaranteeing the health of all its visitors, complies with the rules established by the competent authorities, through:

  • Limitation of capacity in the facilities (both in the field, store, and restaurant) and in competitions
  • Frequent cleaning of your spaces and sports equipment
  • The requirement of distancing between individuals and groups
  • Mandatory use of a mask
  • Use of electronic payment to reduce contact
  • Availability of hydroalcoholic gel in strategic points of the course
  • Closure of closed spaces with high traffic (such as changing rooms)
  • Player Registration for Covid-19 Case Tracking

About travel between provinces and communities in Andalusia

Regarding the mobility limitations established in the President’s Decree 9/2020, of November 8, 2020, there are doubts about whether or not players can travel to their competitions. Below we summarize the frequently answered questions answered by the Royal Golf Andalusian Federation for your knowledge:

Can you open the golf courses?

Yes. In any area of ​​Andalusia. However, in areas that are at level 4 grade 2 – currently, the province of Granada – the sports facility may be opened, but not its restaurant and pro-shop. You can check the phases in which each community is at

How does the hourly limitation affect golf courses?

The time limit at 6:00 p.m. does not affect the golf courses for outdoor physical activity. This limitation would affect catering and pro-shop services.

What competitions can a golf course organize?

All kinds of competitions can be organized throughout Andalusia, except in those areas that are at level 4 grade 2 (currently, the province of Granada) where competitions for ages under 16 and non-federated competitions cannot be organized.

In golf, any competition that takes place in a federated field will be a federated competition.

Can I travel from one municipality to another to go to a golf course?

Movement between municipalities is allowed, provided that it is intended to carry out any activity related to an authorized official competition, including training. However, players under 18 years of age who are not High Performance or High-Level athletes will not be able to leave their municipality to practice golf.

What does it mean to carry out federated sports activities of official competition?

Be federated and participate in an official federated competition, as an athlete, coach, judge or referee, also including training, according to the explanatory infographic published by the Junta de Andalucía.

What is an official federated competition?

According to the Andalusian Sports Law, they are those competitions declared as such by the corresponding sports federation, and incorporated into the calendar approved by the General Assembly of the Federation. Examples of official competitions include both the Estrella Damm Andalucía Valderrama Masters, as well as the Senior, Female, 5th category circuits, etc.

What is meant by training?

Any activity carried out by a federated player in a federated sports facility and aimed at preparing for the official competition.

Do I have to carry a physical license?

In accordance with Presidency Decree 9/2020 of November 8, the federated player will accredit such condition by displaying his federative license, either the physical license, or through the app of the Royal Spanish Golf Federation.

What players make up the absolute category?

All those federated players aged 18 or over are considered absolute category players.

I am a federated player under 18 years of age. Can I travel to train or compete?
No. You can only train or compete on golf courses that are within the same municipality.

You can also consult the ANDALUSIAN SPORT MANUAL 2020-2021 to know the safety regulations in the entire sports field in Andalusia.