Santa Clara takes on new challenges after the pandemic

“There is a desire to re-encounter golf after the pandemic, and an effort is being made for this re-encounter,” says Carlos Santos-Rein Galera, the new manager of Santa Clara Golf.

The golf industry on the Costa del Sol moves tourism in Spain. Last year, according to INE data, almost 84 million tourists came to the country, one million two hundred thousand of them played golf.

But things are going to change after this pandemic, and it cannot be assumed that it will be for the worse. It is an opportunity to change the status quo and give the industry a boost. We are the main golf tourism market in all of Europe, and we must take advantage of this.

“The north needs the golf coast and vice versa. Because of the climate, the comforts, and the pleasure of playing in spaces that offer what the player is looking for”, explains Santos-Rein. “We must win back what we took for granted, to value the romantic experience of playing golf.”

What will the “new normal” of golf be like in Santa Clara?

Carlos explains: “I don’t believe in the new normality. Normality cannot be new. We will return to normal as usual, but improving the experience. Of that, I am convinced”.

Santa Clara is located in the nerve center of Marbella, considered the capital of golf. And it has a privileged location at the foot of the highway, 7 minutes from Puerto Banús, and 2 minutes from the beaches. Our location makes it a convenient point for anyone who wants to enjoy all the amenities of the city.

It’s time to look to the future and improve. We leave the past behind and take action, rescuing what golf fans are passionate about: a good golfing experience.

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