On June 15 we re-open our doors

On June 15th, we welcome back all players who wanted to return to the sport they love, in the spaces they longed for as their home. And those who did were pleasantly surprised by the quality of the course.

Due to Covid-19, we temporarily close our doors to protect the most important thing: the health of our staff and players who visit our club.

This period was an opportunity we used to focus on the care of our golf course. For almost 3 months, we dedicated ourselves to the maintenance of each hole and focused treatment tasks in specific areas that would guarantee an excellent game for those who visited us after confinement.

Our re-opening complies with the health protocols recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO). We make available to our visitors and staff everything necessary to guarantee their safety:

  • Regular disinfection of spaces.
  • Regular and extraordinary cleaning of contact areas, especially those of greater use.
  • Sanitization of buggies, bags, sticks, and other rental items after each use.
  • Strategic disposition of disinfectant gel for visitors and staff.
  • Identification of transit areas to guarantee the recommended distance.
  • Protective screens for our employees, and mandatory use of masks.

It’s recommended to wear masks when visiting the golf club, especially in the registration area in the caddy master.

Fortunately, golf is one of the few sports that meet the highest number of recommended measures since contact between people is minimal, and the distance between players is guaranteed, thus, the risk of infection is reduced to a minimum.

We look forward to all who wish to resume their golf routine in the course that was preparing for their return.

To book with us, you can email us at, chat in Whatsapp +34 647 685 010 or book online at