Rules in focus

If a few weeks ago we told them about Iceland's move to change the 'already established rules' regarding the 18 holes that golf courses should have in order to hold official competitions, now it is the very rules of the game that they are in the spotlight. The objective of R & A (Royal and Ancient) and USGA (Golf Association of the United States) bears some similarity to that promoted by Why18holes. The idea is, as these organizations describe it, "to encourage a faster pace of play".

The pace of play is conditioned by factors related to the players themselves, with their disposition, according to the time they have, or their skills or other aspects such as the structure of the field itself or the weather, which influences the visibility of the field. as in the flight of the ball, and can assume that the player has to carry with umbrellas and rain gear.

For 2019 there will be several measures that will be promoted to speed up the game, among which are the following:

  • The execution of the blow in no more than 40 seconds.

  • An alternative formula in the Stroke Play mode, with a limited number of strokes per hole established by the Committee.

  • Establish a simpler dropping procedure, the reduction of the search time of the ball, the expansion of the Penalizable Areas, a greater use of red stakes in those areas and the possibility of kicking with the flagpole in the water.

  • Playing out of turn in the Stroke Play, which is known as Ready Golf.