Limits in women’s fashion

That is the question that comes to mind after knowing the restrictions that the LPGA (Ladies Professional Golf Association) has established. Its president, Vicki Goetze-Ackerman, sent these new rules via email to the players, some of which did not take long to express themselves.

What LPGA intends with these new rules is to curb the recent boom in the use of less traditional clothing that seems to have won on the golf courses. Therefore, not only is the use of leggings, joggers, pronounced necklines or cross-strap tops with no backs not well seen, but also its use would entail a fine that could reach $ 1,000, an amount that would double Each infraction.

In the email, Goetze-Ackerman warned that the players were “responsible for informing their sponsors of the new rules.” This regularization does not take into account that both the design and the color of the clothing sets are agreed well in advance to maximize their possibilities in the market.

These are the restrictions established by the LPGA, effective from July 17, 2017:

  • Sleeveless tops are ONLY allowed if they wear a collar
  • Leggings are NOT allowed, unless they go under the skort (mix of skirt and shorts) or shorts
  • Necklines are NOT allowed
  • Skirts, skort or shorts MUST be long enough not to discover the bottom, even if they wear a short shorts underneath, under any circumstances
  • Pro-am party attire MUST be appropriate, in order to present a professional image. Elegant jeans are allowed, but NOT those with cuts
  • Training clothes or jeans are NOT allowed on the course
    Joggers are NOT allowed
  • The response of some of the professional players to this PLGA email was swift. The media Paige Spiranac, who proclaimed herself “ambassador of golf and the progress of women’s rights and equality in society” through a statement, was one of the first to react.Joggers are NOT allowed

The debate is served, and there are opinions for all tastes. If something is clear and definitive, it is not a matter of mere suggestions, but the above are the instructions that professional players have to follow before stepping on the green. In Depique we believe that while a touch of modernity, color and style is necessary to bring joy to the game, golf should retain its classic elegance.